Card Game with Scarlet and Jessie (Topless Scene)
Starring these models:
This is another card game scene with Scarlet. This game is where we have to pick cards from a playing deck. Red cards mean strip and black cards mean gunge. Scarlet has had her turn already and out of the cards she picked, she only got one black! I have picked my ten cards and Scarlet will go through them one by one. The first card is a red, so I remove my grey jumper. The second card is also a red so I take off my black trousers, but keep my shoes on as another item to take off if needed.

Thankfully, the third card is a black so I get gunged! Scarlet gets some green goo and pours it over my top and over my head. The next 4 cards are all red! So I take off my underwear and my white wedge shoes. Obviously I can't believe that I only picked one black card as well and I am not happy about the lack of mess. So I tell Scarlet to get some custard and pour it over my head. We also have some pies so Scarlet pies my bottom and then my face!

With the last pie, I suggest rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets it. I actually win so I pie Scarlet in the face!

I am still not happy about the lack of mess so I get Scarlet to pour a bucket of green slime over me. This game may need working on!

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Total runtime:6 mins, 28 secs
Date added:6/29/17
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