Colourful and Creamy (Topless Scene)
Starring the following model:
In this scene I am wearing a very revealing black leather look one piece. I have 4 bowls of colourful, creamy goo. I start with some purple slime and smear it all over my chest and body and legs. It's very soft and feels lovely!

I then get some very thick green gunge, I think was actually cake batter coloured green. I rub this all over my body before turning around for some 'ass shots'. I cover my bum with more of the green goo!

I turn back around and start rubbing the mess into my long blonde hair.

Next is some yellow stuff, which is crumble mix which once mixed with water is really, really creamy and smells delicious too! I rub this all over myself before taking my top down to reveal my breasts.

I get a little more purple stuff and smear it in with the rest of the mess. I really enjoy the crumble mix, it all feel so amazing!

I then have some pale blue goo which I pour over my head before turning around and pouring it over my bum!

I take my time rubbing all the creamy mess in all over myself, not bad for a spur of the moment wamming!

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Total size:88.09 MB
Total runtime:9 mins, 40 secs
Date added:6/17/17
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"Simple but amazing!"
ItsJay  19 days ago

This was the inspiration for my four part custom called "Truth or dare" by Jessie. It is a very simple scene, but a fantastic one. This raw cheesecake mix looks amazing, and you can tell Jessie loved how it feels. She is constantly smothering it all over herself. The sounds of the squelching around make it even better.

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