Marshmallow Fluff and Treacle (Topless Scene)
Starring the following model:
This was my first time using Marshmall Fluff!

I start off wearing a bikini top and a thong, but I choose to remove the bikini top for ultimate coverage!

I have 2 large stubs of the sticky stuff and start with trying to put some in my hair. However, it's just too sticky so I go straight for my face instead! Now with what looks like a white beard, I smear some more fluffy stuff onto my breasts, making sure I get plenty all over. I then cover my arms, by now I am looking pretty white!

The marshmallow fluff is very gooey and incredibly sticky, but feels great! I stand and turn around to apply some to my bum! Then I finish off the first tub on my legs.

I am already very covered but I use the second tub for another, thick and creamy layer. Now I am totally white, I add two tins of treacle, sowly trickled over me for an artistic effect and cool colour contrast. It was fun to do! Once the treacle is all used up, I rub it all! The marshmallow fluff and treacle combine to make an awesome textured mess! It's soft and goey and creamy and sticky! It looks like I'm a glazed pastry! This was a lot of fun, the smell was fantastic too!

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Total size:227.71 MB
Total runtime:15 mins, 23 secs
Date added:6/28/17
Scene ID:23272
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