New Blue Adidas Swimsuit Beauty Contest Pies
Starring the following model:
In this brand new custom film I'm entering a beauty contest and the blue Adidas swimsuit is back!

we start with me,Jessie in my legendary blue Adidas swimsuit and I've just had my hair curled and styled.

I've also got a fluffy dressing gown on and white flat Birkenstock sandals.

If you look closely you'll see I have really sheer Pretty polly Golden Glow Pantyhose/Tights on with a sandal toe so you can see my neat toes which are nicely painted dark red.

I've stolen some lovely black Calvin Klein high heel strappy sandals from another contestant and taken my dressing gown to reveal the swimsuit and my red beauty sash.

I have to do a demonstration for the judges of what I do for work.

So I have the finest American 'Koolwhip' style cream pies as used by my friends Trouso and Ginger and they are coloured natural creamy white,yellow and City light blue!I manage to show a surprise pie with a bit of magic help,and my pie sandwich turns into a surprise pie in the face!

However I then carry on the demonstration by pieing myself in the face with different coloured pies.

I naughtily cream my stolen sandals and cover my feet!

Finally I scoop up all the cream and make a big pie and pour it down my cleavage and squash it in.

It's so soft and lovely!

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Total runtime:10 mins, 10 secs
Date added:9/08/17
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