Vintage Cheerleader Davina Is Captain
Starring these models:
By now my younger sister Davina has been made Captain of the cheerleaders instead of me!

I pretend to be ok with it but really I'm annoyed.

Davina has white schoolgirl socks on whereas I have clear Nylons on and no shoes on.

I trick Davina into sitting down on the 'Captain's chair ' and then I quickly tie her arms to the chair and put a cleave gag on her mouth.

I aggressively pie her in the face to start off and then I pour a big jug of cream over her head!

A bowl of lumpy custard is then plopped on her head and I really smear the mess into her face.

Then I aggressively give her a pie sandwich and smush and smear it all over her stupid head!

I find some very lumpy red gunge in a bowl and pour that over her head.

I nearly knock Davina off her chair with a pie in the face but I haven't realised she has wriggled free and she leaps up to fight me.

She grabs two pies but I block them with only a small amount of pie foam hitting my face.

She has more success with a bowl of lumpy green gunge and get's it all over my head followed by a viscious bombardment of 4 pie's in my face!

They are good hard hits!

We then look for anything we can throw at each other and Davina eventually wrestles me to the ground so I'm in the goo on the floor!

That bitch!

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