Vintage Davina and Cassandra Catering Catastrophe
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I have my wedding in just 2 weeks time and I need to sort out the catering. I have left it a little late but I have found some people who promise to be great. Davina the caterer and her assistant Cassandra are hoping to win me over with their cakes and desserts.

I am wearing a pretty white skirt and floral print top and the caterers are wearing black dresses. Davina suggests we start with the wedding cake and starts to show me what they have to offer. The girls are eager for me to taste their different desserts and almost seem to be competing with each other! Davina, in her haste manages to get some of the cake on my hand and just wipes it off with her dress!

Before I can say anything, Cassandra is presenting another cake to me to try, but Davina wants to show me something else. Davina grabs the plate from Cassandra and it spills all over my arm and skirt! I am shocked and Davina is quick to blame Cassandra who is already trying to get me to try another cake! Davina tells Cassandra to clean me up but instead, she squirts strawberry sauce on my white skirt! I am getting very upset and say I need to talk to their manager but Davina grabs the strawberry sauce and squirts it at Cassandra in the hope to stop me from pursuing further action. However, Cassandra retaliates by flicking some pink dessert at Davina who immediately chucks the lot over Cassandra!

Cassandra throws custard at Davina and whislt I am trying to get them to calm down, Davina pies Cassandra!

I am still sat there trying to them both to stop and they each pick up a pie and pie me in the face! Now I am covered in custard and cake too!

I join in the food fight by picking up a tub of creamy stuff and tip it over Davina's head, so she throws a pie in my face! This starts a flurry of pies being thrown at my face before Cassandra and Davina go back to pieing each other!

I pick up a bucket of green goo (broccoli soup according to Davina!) and pour it over her head and then over Cassandra's. I get pied again and the remaining green gunge is poured over my head!

The food fight continues and the three of us end up on the floor rolling around in the mess and laughing at the state we are in!
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