Vintage School Girl Lunch
Starring these models:
This one really is typical of the early days when my sister Davina just had a lot of fun filming slinging insults whilst trying not to laugh and genuinely loving having a food fight.

I'm having a healthy lunch of salad and yoghurt whereas Davina is having Shepherds Pie and Chocolate Dessert with cream.

We trade insults and Davina covers my salad in mayo.

I take revenge by emptying a load of ketchup over her Shepherds Pie.

Davina puts chocolate on my salad and put yoghurt on her pie.

I try and force her head into her lunch but only get her forehead and Davina takes her big Shepherds Pie covered in ketchup and yoghurt and absolutely smashes it into my face!

I dump my salad over her head.

Davina grabs a custard pie and plants it inh my face.

I grab a custard pie too and plant it in Davina's face.

We really get bitchy with each other and struggle together a bit!

Classic Davina action!

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Deathstroke  6/10/17

This film is easily one of my favourite films.

Thank you Jessie, I lost this scene a few years back but had vivid memories of the film stick with me, its that good a scene.

I cannot recommend this classic enough!

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