Vintage Jessie's Messy Office Daydream
Starring the following model:
I start off sat my desk at my boring office job. My hair is tied up and I am wearing a white shirt, black skirt and black blazer.

I am not too happy to be at work and start daydreaming about if my day was brightened up with a good pie!

Suddenly, a pie flies at me and lands in my hair! It's not a foam pie but it's more like a creamy Angel Delight type substance.

I am shocked to have a pie fly at me from nowhere but before I can do anything, another sloppy pie is thrown at my face! It's splats onto my shirt and blazer too.

Another pie is thrown at my face before a slow motion shot of a sloppy yellow pie landing on my face. A few more runny pies are thrown at my face before a great slow motion shot of green slime being thrown straight into my face. It slowly drips off onto my shirt and down my cleavage.

Some more slime is thrown at me and although I am still quite shocked, I stand up and start to enjoy it. With a big smile, I rub all the mess into my shirt and skirt.

Then, as if nothing happened, you cut back to me sat at my desk, completely clean! Daydreaming can be such fun!

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