Vintage Kayleigh Cuffed and Pied (Topless)
I am wearing a black pvc one piece with black pvc gloves and zebra print heels. With me is Kayleigh who is wearing pink bikini bottoms with a strapless colourful print bikini top.

Kaleigh has been a very naughty girl and I show no mercy as I handcuff her to a chair!

As Kayleigh pied me last week, it's my turn to have some fun. I slowly tease Kayleigh by holding a pie in front of her, threatening to pie her in various places before planting the custard pie in her face!

I then take a seat on the chair she is handcuffed to, so I am sat behind her and give her another pie on her head and face.

Kayleigh is not at all happy but I get up and hold her hair back whilst shoving another custard pie in her face.

I wipe Kayleighs eyes so she can watch me pie her again. She begs me to stop but I pie her breasts with another custard pie. She continues to ask me to stop but all she gets is another pie in the face!

Next I give Kayleigh a pie sandwich and then another pie to the breasts. Kayleigh tells me not to touch her, but I am the mistress and she must be taught a lesson! So I take off her bikini top and pie her bare breasts again!

The film comes to an abrupt end there, but I promise you we both had fun!

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Date added:10/04/17

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