Vintage Kelsey Is Cuffed and Pied (Topless)
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In this scene, I am wearing a black PVC body suit with black PVC gloves and Kelsey is wearing a bright pink bikini.

Kelsey is sat on a chair and handcuffed! I am getting revenge for when she tied me up and pied me.

I start with a very big, foamy custard pie and squash on top of her head, ruining her lovely long blonde hair.

I then pick up a chocolate pie with lots of foam and hold it in front of Kelsey, she begs me to stop but I go ahead and push the pie into her face!

I decide to take this punishment to the next level and remove Kelsey's bikini top! She calls me a pervert, but I don't care! I just pick up a big pink pie topped with lots of foam and pie her bare breasts with it! I also rub it in a bit for good measure!

I the get another big pink pie and put it in Kelsey's face, she laughs and by now is almost totally covered in pie! She flings a bit of pie onto me so I give her a pie sandwich with 2 huge foamy pies!

I pick up 2 custard pies and stand behind Kelsey so I can pie her boobs. She gets some on me so I pie her in the face with a chocolate pie! The final pie is a pink pie to the top of her head. Kelsey is now totally covered in pie and looks great! I say I am not going to untie her so she flings lots pie at me, getting me messy. I am shocked and say I am leaving so she throws more pie at me getting me messier and messier!

I don't think Kelsey has learnt her lesson at all… I may have to do it all over again!
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