Messy Jessie
I am Jessie of and based in the Uk.
i've been Wamming for Business....and fun for nearly 10 years now on a part time basis due to a mental and physical illness I am trying hard to beat with great support from the Messy Community.
My favourite substance is porridge over my head and I love the stress relief and liberation of a pie in the face.
I've been pied,gunged with pretty everything including shaving foam,cream,custard,natrosol gunge,chocolate,beans,soup,spaghetti,rice pudding,semolina in a variety of outfits and sketches by myself,with other girls and some Guys.
wam is more than a job to me,it's a way of life and when I'm well and wamming I feel relief.....I hate the business side of a business though so have help with that....
My 2 kids are the most important thing in the world to me and I love nature esp thunderstorms,lightning,the beach and laughing.
I am shy when not filming but feel more confident when filming so doing a private session with me can be good for someone a bit shy themselves and I have lots of satisfied repeat customers who come for a chat,get me messy or I get them messy with or without a script.
I'll give most things a try within reason.
Within reason does Not include sexual contact or services.
I am the Pie Professor not the Pie Prostitute.
Inbox me here or email me at:
for details of sessions (I never take more than a week to answer but sometimes I'm in hospital and can't reply).
Thanks for reading and hope you like my work.
Love Jessie xx

Messy Jessie is not in any active scenes yet.

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