Bundle: Blue Adidas Swimsuit Bundle
Starring these models:
Number of scenes:5
File count:5
Total size:1.79 GB
Date added:9/18/17
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Originally $104.95

Finally the blue Adidas swimsuit has it's own bundle inc the brand new beauty contest film with the amazing American style cream pies!

This is probably the most requested bundle I've ever done!

This bundle features me and the gorgeous Kayleigh!

Mess ranges from the sweet and creamy mess to an absolutely disgusting fishy mess!

Who would have thought a seemingly normal blue Adidas all-in-one swimsuit would still be starring in films 11 years after it's debut and I'm thrilled to say it still fits perfectly!

Me and my shapely swimwear have endured a lot of mess and wetlook adventures together.

This bundle features the very first swimsuit filling I did with the Blue Adidas one piece I did 11 years ago and also the lastest film where I am in a beauty contest that was filmed this year!

You even get to see the amazing Kayleigh wearing it!

Here are all the films in this amazing bundle:

Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit Filling

Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit: The Secong Filling

Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit 3 with Kayleigh

Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit 4 Yucky Fishy Shampoo

New Blue Adidas Swimsuit Beauty Contest Pie

This swimsuit has seen messes from simply custard to pies to treacle to some really disgusting fishy stuff such as sardines!

This bundle has something for everyone who likes swimwear, swimsuit filling, pies, slime and more!
Includes These 5 Scenes
Buy individually, or get the whole bundle and save $54.95.

New Blue Adidas Swimsuit Beauty Contest Pies
Added 9/8/17    2043 views

129.52 MB
In this brand new custom film I'm entering a beauty contest and the blue Adidas swimsuit is back! we start with me,Jessie in my legendary blue Adidas swimsuit and I've j...
Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit 4 Yucky Fishy Shampoo
Added 8/30/17    1046 views

This film really shows how tough Messy Jessie is when it comes to mess (but not much else!) I'm in the bath wearing the legendary blue Adidas swimsuit and the list of me...
Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit 3 with Kayleigh
Added 8/9/17    2096 views

This is the third scene featuring the blue Adidas swimsuit! This was filmed 5 or 6 years after the original film was made. But this time, it's not me wearing it; it's th...
Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit: The Second Filling
Added 8/8/17    1211 views

4 years after the very first scene with the blue Adidas swimsuit, I decide to do it all again! This time I am in the bath. I have lots of custard and I once again fill m...
Vintage Blue Adidas Swimsuit, Custard Filling
Added 8/7/17    1496 views

This was the first time wearing and getting my legendary blue Adidas swimsuit messy! This was filmed 11 years ago. I received the swimsuit from a follower and they want...
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