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"One Of My All Time Favorites Of Jessie's!"
mikey25  8/17/17

If you love the idea of WAM been that of women getting all dolled up to the nines then getting obliterated by mess then this is for you. The premise of the scene is a firm favorite and the basis of some WAM stories online and this is a great realizing of that concept in real life and with it staring Jessie you can't ask for more than that. What's not to love about this video you have it all both Jessie and Sally look jaw-droppingly good in their dresses, almost to the point of it been a shame there going to get messed up. Both looking beautiful and the picture of elegance that its until the pies start to fly, nice full pies at that all going to one person, Jessie in her gorgeous red dress completely covering her all over, head, hair, make up the lot all ruined and then it's time for Jessie's sexy silky underwear to get the same treatment too. And then it get's even better with the laughing Sally sat there in her gorgeous black silk dress also getting a few surprise pies, including some to her ample chest.

All in all a fantastic scene and concept done really well with beautiful women in wonderful dresses getting pied is always going to be a win and as a bonus this scene also has a bit of bondage with Jessie been tied up for a bit in the first part of the scene for those who like it. One of my all time favorites Messy Jessie has done. As to the video and audio quality of the video it's to a good standard and fine quality.

"Love Sweet Or Savory, You'll love this."
mikey25  8/17/17

This video has great sweet and savory messes in equal measure, so if that's a plus for you then getting this is an instant buy. The audio and video quality are both good with no problems in ether category and can't complain, the scene it's self is fantastic with both Jessie and Sally looking great in there outfits and the messes used, Jessie been covered in savory is always a treat to watch and something I will never get bored of and to say this was Sally's first time getting messy she did incredibly well, her reactions to the messes are wonderful as well as cute and she looked great in all the sweet substances. At the end of the lotto both Jessie and Sally get a surprise each, Sally's been sprayed with foam from cans covering her from top to bottom which been her first is a joy to watch and as for Jessie's surprise that is what really drew me to this video and that is she gets a bucket of slops of all the mess used in the video all over her head to finish off the scene which is always a big win in my book.

pie_guy_uk  8/15/17

Excellent. Well done. A very funny skit. Roger definitely took it very well. I hope that you get him involved in some more messing around.

"Must buy!"
Deathstroke  6/10/17

This film is easily one of my favourite films.

Thank you Jessie, I lost this scene a few years back but had vivid memories of the film stick with me, its that good a scene.

I cannot recommend this classic enough!

"Great classic scene"
Deathstroke  6/10/17

What can i say regarding this film. The title says it all, Vintage... a classic. This is one is one of the earliest scenes I remeber and a scene that got me into wam. I missed the early Jessie scenes so much and I'm glad Jessie is rereleasing these scenes. Her and Davina look great in this scene and you can tell they had a great time filming!

Totally a must buy!

"Jessie destroys Daisy!"
Jezzapeepshow  5/27/17

This film actually has a long storyline to it with great acting from both girls.

The office wear is really sexy esp the pantyhose.

Jessie must have the most perfectly aligned toes in the world!

After Daisy steals Jessie's strappy heeled sandals and tights Jessie grabs her and really ties Daisy up well.

She's really helpless and Jessie really torments her about the pieing and sploshing she is about to be subjected to.

mjd gets involved too,first from behing the camera and then he joins Jessie and although I don't like guys to be part of a film I have to say he and Jessie work like a team in absolutely humilating Daisy and it's pretty brutal how they destroy her pies and beans and custard and a foam gun and just leave her tied up.

It's amazing really and I never knew Jessie could act so tough!

Highly recommend!

"Great video, great tickling!"
davetickle  5/27/17

Really enjoyed this video, loved the relationship and the banter between the two of you. Also love how genuinely ticklish he is :-) Great work!

"Mmm Catsuit"
noideer  4/24/17

I dont think I have ever seen a bad Messy Jessie video. Jessie is having nothing but fun in this video and the fact that she is wearing a catsuit makes it even more amazing to watch. I love her videos and I am sure we all do too.

"Classical lovliness"
noideer  10/15/16

I bought this scene many years ago and was amazingly impressed with this clip. It was really one of the first few clips that brought my love of wam to the fore. Big thanks to Jessie and Mike and Fishtank for finding this little gem.

"What did we missed out on?"
Skypacer2000  2/18/15

When you start up the video you get the impression that something had gone on before we enter the scene, so from the get-go I feel cheated out of something. And the promise of grunge jeans was lacking since only two things were poured down them before they were stripped off. I had wished I hadn't bothered with the download.

"Jessie nude at last, how can that be wrong?"
themagoo  2/3/15

The wonderful, busty Jessie is a legend of the WAM scene. Whilst this isn't her best it;s the first time I've seen her doing nude work, so it's worth the price of admission for that alone! The fixed camera is OK, but having a camera person would make it more dynamic, plus there's less mess than in a lot of her work. But hey, she's NUDE, so that's all forgiven!

"Awesome work"
woodrow83  1/24/15

Hard to top a professional that's so beautiful. Awesome video and Jessica always amazes me.

"Good old fashioned sploshing!"
dunkerz  5/23/11

You have to be jealous of Messy-Jessie really. There can't be many of us who love our work as much as she obviously does and in this scene we have yet another great day at the office!

As is often the case there is no plot (who needs plots?) and she and her friend get straight down to business. For the lover of sticky stuff this is a gem. The fun the two of them have as they exchange treacle, custard and chocolate over each other is there to be seen. And when MJ cannot conatin herself in her corset, well! I have to say since Jessie made the decision to go topless her films have only got better (or should that be batter?) A simple scene beautifully told. The picture quality is great although the camerawork seems a bit wobbly at times and there is what sounds like an asthmatic in the background towards the end of the film but then again if I was filming this I too would probably be out of breath.

All in all, well worth it.

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