Vintage Cassandra Gives Jessie a Messy Massage
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After the mix up I had with my cookery notes and hair dressing notes, Cassandra is back to show me she's fine about it and give me a nice, relaxing massage!

So I lay on the floor wearing just a leopard print bikini and let Cassandra do her stuff.

She starts with something a little different, instead of the normal massage oil, she uses massage foam! She explains that it's new and wonderful for the skin.

Cassandra squirts on the foam and rubs it in. it's very soft and feels like marshmallow!

Next, she pours on a pink goo and explains the quantity is perfectly normal. She rubs it into my back, mixing it with the foam.

Cassandra then pours a thick yellow substance all down my back and on to my bottom! I say that she is using rather a lot, but she assures me it's totally fine. She pours more over me and massages it in to my legs and back.

She then picks up another tub and warns me that this one may be a bit cold. She drops the thick, lumpy green stuff onto my bottom and rubs it in. I express some concern here and say it looks like mushy peas! Again, she assures me it's not, even though I say it smells like mushy peas.

I turn over onto my back and Cassandra pours something over my stomach that she claims will smell like strawberries, but looks suspiciously like baked beans! It's very cold but she tells me to relax as she pours on more pink goo.

Cassandra then pours some green stuff over me followed by even more pink goo. The massaging seems to have stopped and she is now just covering me in mess! I say that I'm not relaxed and that it all smells disgusting. She says it smells fine but I am not happy so I smear the mess on her!

This results in us both trying to get the other messy with the 'products'. I am totally covered and despite my concerns, Cassandra is still insisting that it's all as it should be. I think maybe she was after revenge for her messy hair treatment!
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