Vintage Davina's Date Disaster
Starring these models:
Davina has come round and I straight away notice that she's looking a bit dressed up. I ask her what she's doing and she tells me that she's going on a date!

I am very curious to know more so I ask who it's whit. Davina tells me that it's with Chris form the local shop. When I hear this, I am immediately annoyed as she knew that I like him!

However, I decide to not let my upset show and instead giver her some 'helpful' advice on her appearance!

I tell her that Chris likes it when girls have their hair tied up and offer to do her hair for her.

Davina sits down and I start to apply mousse! I apply it rather liberally which concerns Davina, but this is just the start!

With my growing jealousy, I tip a large bowl of custard all over Davina's head! I continue with yoghurt and rice pudding, rubbing into her hair!

Davina takes her revenge and pours yoghurt all over my head followed by lots of custard! Then more rice pudding and even more custard all over my head!

My pink satin top is trashed, I am not happy at all as it's new. So I make sure Davina's black top is ruined too.

I manage to pie her in the face before she walks off leaving me to squeeze all the goo out of my long hair and take off my trashed clothes.

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